The Catholic Church requires documentation in addition to the civil documents (For full information please consult About the paperwork section).

If one of us is Protestant can I still get married?

Yes. As long as you both attend the pre-marital (pre Cana) course, get all the required documents and a permission to celebrate mixed wedding by your local Priest, the Italian Curie will give you the permission to celebrate a Catholic wedding.

Can I marry again if my previous wedding has been annulled?

Yes, if your previous wedding has been annulled by the Catholic Church of the country where you live.

Can I marry again if I am divorced?

No, a divorce will not allow you to re-marry in a Catholic Church. You need to get your previous wedding annulled by the Catholic Church of your country. You may however have a civil ceremony.

Will it be a full mass?

It depends on your preference and the priest. Generally yes.

Is it possible to have a Catholic ceremony in Italy legally recognized in other countries?

Basically speaking Yes it is. Catholic  Church and the  Italian State  have a special agreement. If you marry  with a Catholic rite, the Priest will ask you to sign documents for the State also. So that you can have your legal marriage certificate and you do not need to get married twice.
But, for various reasons, some Catholic bishops often prefer that a foreign couple not resident in an Italian diocese contract a civil marriage in their own country of residence before marrying ecclesiastically here in Italy. Your coordinator will give detailed information in this regard.

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