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A shimmering jewel in the Bay of Naples, renowned for its Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni rocks, its incomparable flora and fauna, and the stupendous beauty of its scenery as well as for the all-year-round mildness of its climate.

Imperial island since the time of Augusto and Tiberio, who chose it for their imperial residence, Capri is a rare and beautiful jewel to be discovered and admired inch by inch along its enchanting itineraries. You can choose to join the crowd and live unforgettable days sitting at the many bars in the "Piazzetta", shopping at the elegant boutiques in Camerelle Street or eating at the local restaurants in Capri.

But you can also choose the peace and quiet of the streets in Anacapri or the solitary paths to the sea with breathtaking landscapes. The real attraction of the coastline is Marina Piccola once old fishermen's village and since the 50s one of the most exclusive beaches. Famous people and wealthy pop stars own their villas here (Rocco Barocco, Diego Della Valle).

You can't miss an itinerary by sea. You will discover the Esmerald grotto which is only one of the 60 caves on the island, but the most popular for its wonderful colours.

There are many archaeological remains testifying the island's distant past, such as the Greek Acropolis (6th to 5th centuries B.C.); the Baths of Tiberius; the Villa Iovis (Palace of Tiberius) and the ancient Torre del Faro (lighthouse tower).

The most recent ancient architectural remains on the island are the Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo (1371) with the greater and lesser cloisters (15th and 16th centuries respectively) and the Parish Church of San Stefano (18th century) whose baroque facade forms one side of the world-famous Piazzetta (little square) in the centre of Capri.

A Capri wedding is made for couples looking for romance and glamour!

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