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  • Weddings in Pisa
  • Weddings in Pisa

Weddings in Pisa, one of Italy's oldest towns, with Etruscan origins going back 3,000 years

Few towns in the world can boast of a past as splendid as the one of Pisa. Its history is marked by an impressive series of successes: the early fights against the Saracens established Pisa's dominant position in the Mediterranean; the active participation in the Crusades led to a great expansion of its maritime trade and opened Pisa to the culture of the Moslem world; the foundation of a powerful Republic and of one of the oldest European Universities where the famous scientist Galileo Galilei was a student and later a professor.


All these important events have had a great influence on Italian and European history and have given Pisa, a town that is still "a mesure d'homme", the right to be considered one of the capitals of the western world.

Pisa is a real jewel-case with its roman and gothic churches, its squares and palaces that give splendour to the old streets and to the quarters winding along the Arno.

But it is just about impossible to talk of Pisa without mentioning the Leaning Tower. Few monuments in the whole world are as famous as this one.
The marvelous Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracle square) where the tower stands together with the Romanesque Cathedral and Baptistry, is the only one in Italy with lush green grass and one of the most memorable places in Italy. Santa Maria della Spina is a little Gothic jewel


Pisa is idyllically located at the mouth of the Arno River, 10 km inland from the uncontaminated Mediterranenan Sea.

What strikes you most in Pisa are the wide spaces, the brightness of the summer sun, the placid flow of the river Arno under the bridges, the salty breeze coming from the sea, the mild relaxing climate and its wide variety of superb, mouth-watering menus, and the delicate local wine (Chianti delle colline Pisane).

Whether you are looking for a romantic reception for two or a trendy, lively one the only problem is deciding where to go, as there are so many options for your Pisa wedding to choose from!

All this, and much else besides, makes Pisa a unique city in the vast panorama of the Italian art cities, and it offers you an infinite choice to make your romantic dream come true.

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