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Home to Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a city of eternal love and the most romantic setting for your wedding in Italy. Romeo and Juliet, leading Verona wedding planner, plans and designs elegant events in this fairy-tale town.

Verona foundation dates back to 49 B.C., during the Roman domination, that went on until the first century A.D. After the Roman domination Verona faced a period of great splendour during the reign of Theodoric (489-526), that preceded the Longobard dominion of King Alboino. Moreover, Verona is famous as the birthplace of important figures, as Valerius Catullus and Vitruvio and it is also the town of Charlemagne and of his son Pipino. In 1136 the town became a Comune and took part in the fights between communes and empire. Otherwise, during the Middle Ages, Verona went under the rule of the Della Scala Family, who were imperial vicars and later gave hospitality to Dante in his "first exile". During the Venetian domination, Verona cultivated the intellectual and cultural aspects and became a fixed destination for thinkers and artists as Goethe, Heine, Stendhal and Valery, in a period of peace that lasted until 1797. Finally, in October 1866, the population of Verona chose to join the Kingdom of Italy and followed the events of their own country.

Being the center strictly off limits to vehicles, Verona weddings have the advantage of enjoying a perfect place to walk along narrow cobbled streets, pink-hued medieval palaces and Renaissance architecture that recall the glorious past of town; its attractive squares with pavement cafes encourage you to linger, and its churches, museums and galleries, as well as the charm of its well-preserved centre entertain also the most discerning visitor. Its Arena, a Roman amphitheater (1st century AD) is the most famous outdoor theater in the world and its castle is a monumental masterpiece.

But the reason why most lovers are attracted by a wedding in Verona is the fascinating atmosphere of the two Shakespeare's lovers. You can even celebrate your marriage at Juliet's house, where the world-famous balcony is located. Juliet's house is always crowded with tourists from all over the world, the walls are covered with little pieces of paper of every shape, size, and color with names of lovers who hope their romance will be as great as that of Romeo's and Juliet's. And recently even Hollywood celebrated the city symbol of eternal love with a romantic movie called "Letters to Juliet"; can you imagine a better testimonial for romantic weddings in Verona!?

You see, there is nothing more romantic than getting married in Verona! A pleasant stroll at sunset along the Adige riverbank, an aperitif at one of the many cafes set in lovely squares watching local life unfold. Try the local cuisine by seeking out ancient little restaurants and trattorias in the back streets. Delicious hearty dishes, many of which are prepared with local wines; a fine example is risotto all'Amarone (risotto cooked in Amarone wine). Venison, pheasant and other game are popular main dishes, as is pastissada de caval, a thick stew of horsemeat marinated in Recioto Amarone. Wines wise we suggest you to taste the fabulous Amarone - "the big dry one". and other local wines like the Valpolicella classico and rare Recioto.

This elegant and sophisticated city will capture and enchant you with its old world charm and your Verona wedding will be imbued with romance.


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