Are the weddings celebrated in Italy recognized in other countries?

Yes they are. After celebrating a legally binding wedding you will receive a multilingual legal Wedding certificate from the Wedding Hall. It is a certificate that is recognized and legal in any country. A registration of the document may be required in your country. Occasionally a Wedding Hall does not immediately issue this document, in this case we will  take care of sending it to your home address.

Is there a lot of paperwork to do?

There is some paperwork you will need to get in your country and some paperwork needs to be done in Italy. We will inform you of the exact documents required, will  give you assistance and  once you have shipped documents, we will deal directly with the Consulate and the local Town Hall or church ensuring all formalities are followed. We take this concern away from you, leaving you to enjoy all your exciting plans!

How much in advance shall I plan my wedding?

Italy is a highly burocreautic country, so we suggest to plan your ceremony at least 6 months in advance to make sure  that all the papers are in order. For large weddings in spring and fall (the most popular wedding seasons) please give us at least 8 month notice especially  if you have a specific date in mind or if you are planning to rent a villa  or a castle.

I have recently been divorced, can I get remarried in Italy in a legal civil ceremony ?

Yes, however for women, Italian law states that 300 days must have passed since the date of the Decree Absolute, before they can re-marry. This does not apply to the groom.

What kind of weddings can you plan?

We will be happy to help you in planning the following ceremonies:

- Civil ceremonies
- Catholic blessings
- Catholic ceremonies with civil effect
- Protestant blessing
- Protestant ceremonies with civil effect
- Jewish ceremonies
- Symbolic ceremonies

Can you plan a symbolic wedding or renewal of vows?

Yes we can! These ceremonies take many forms. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll let you know how we can make it true. A Catholic or Protestant renewal of vows is essentially similar to a marriage mass. A symbolic wedding can take place in many wonderful locations, from a castle to a beach or a gondola in Venice and can be designed to suit you.

Can I have my ceremony in English?

Catholic, Protestant and Symbolic ceremonies are normally conducted in English. Civil (legal) ceremonies are performed in Italian but a translator is legally required and we provide him/her.

Should I need witnesses and interpreter can you help us?

Yes, we can. An official interpreter is included in our basic package. If you have no family or friends that can also act as witnesses, we can arrange for them and the cost will be determined according to the city.

Can I get married outside?

In Italy a Civil service takes place inside the town hall or property purchased by the local government.

A Catholic ceremony can only be performed in a Church.

In Italy, you can be married outside when:

- Have a Protestant ceremony
- Choose one of the locations we can offer where a civil ceremony can occur outside.
- Have a symbolic ceremony where a non-official person leads your ceremony.

Flowers, photographs, transport, bride's make-up and hair, can you help?

We will be happy to help you.  We work with local Italian suppliers who have been carefully chosen for their quality service. Obviously the various regions of Italy have their own fashion trends, and these can also help make your occasion unique.

The Italians are truly famous for style and good taste, and this is incorporated into all areas of your wedding, be it floral bouquets, table decorations, reportage photography, fabulous 'bomboniere', and simple or ornate wedding cake.

We would like just an intimate gathering with a group of close family, is this possible to organise?

Yes it is. We put the same care both in big and small events and your occasion is guaranteed to be unforgettable. A small wedding can be much more intimate and guests can feel very exclusive, you can put welcome packs in their rooms, or individual favours, splash out on a lovely meal and they feel they are really involved in a special event.

What's the best time to be married in Italy?

The best months are April, May, June, September and October but the weather in Italy is mild also during winter months.  July and August can be too hot and August very crowded  because the most of Italians take their holidays.

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