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Portofino Wedding and the Italian Riviera

Ideal setting for a wedding, Liguria or Italian Riviera is one of Italy’s smallest regions and one of its most spectacular stretches of coastline.

Not only a Portofino wedding; in Italian Riviera you find lush vegetation, mild climate, mountains that cascade down to meet the sea, sparkling turquoise waters, terraced vineyards, fishing villages clinged to cliffs  and miles of gloriously rugged coastline framing lovely sand beaches and secluded coves, this is the heartbeating Italian Riviera which is rich of natural beauties and the various names given to them such as "Paradise Gulf", "Siren bay", "Bay of silence", "Bay of fairy tales", “Poet gulf”, "Sea's echo" and “Love path” are all a testimony to the magnificence of these marine landscapes.

The stylish Portofino Bay, the ancient small harbour of Portovenere  and the unspoiled Cinque terre are the most dazzling jewels of this dramatic coastline dominated by the blue  of the sea and the breathtaking landscape, but you will be bewitched also by  the charming villages suspended between the sea and the sky, a wonderful choreography that seems to have been designed by a romantic painter.

Traditional cuisine is a pleasure: regional dishes include the basil and olive oil based “pesto,” a special pasta called “trenette,” a tasty salted bread known as “focaccia” and, of course, delicious fresh fish. 

Try also local wines, which have been famous since ancient times: the dry white wines of Levanto, Bonassola and Framura  and the delicious "Sciacchetrà" (raisin wine) a precious and hard to find wine perfect with your wedding cake!

A Portofino wedding or, more in general, a wedding in this fascinating area will induce you an intensity of emotions and  sensations that never leave you. 

Romeo and Juliet, the leading Italian Riviera wedding planner, will guide you through the endless options available for truly fairy weddings in this enchanting Italy region.

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