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The beauty and romance of a Tuscany wedding is simply too great for words as its countryside postcard views in which so many prestigious Italian wines are produced.

Situated in the heart of Italy, with its charming scenery of rolling hills , cultivated fields, rambling farms, castles, preserved medieval villages and magnificent villas will be an unforgettable frame for your unique event.

Tuscany is the cradle of the Italian language, expressed in the poetry of Dante, Petrarca, and Boccaccio. Renaissance was born in Tuscany - an artistic, cultural, and social movement that between the XIV and the XVI century had a profound impact on Italian culture but also on that of the rest of Europe.

Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Donatello, Botticelli, Piero Della Francesca, Pinturicchio are just ones of the artists that made Tuscany a universal art treasure.

Tuscany Weddings

Best months to get married

Best month for getting married in Tuscany are the second half of May, June and September when the temperatures are warm but without the heat of the summer. In July and August rain is very rare and it is usually very hot with temperatures up to 30-34 degrees Celsius. We recommend therefore to consider a late start of the day and a night party in order to enjoy the pleasant hours of the day.

If you are worried about hot temperatures and you wish to enjoy Tuscany with less tourist then April, May and October are a wonderful option too. However in these months nights are chilly and an outdoor party is not ideal Tuscany weather is known for its mild climate but winter can be cold with temperatures going down to 0 degrees Celsius and especially in the countryside snow is not uncommon.

Best Tuscany wedding venues

Wherever in Tuscany you choose for your Big Day, you will surely fall under the spell of this wonderful land where you'll find the most enchanting Italy wedding venues: wonderful ancient villas, medieval castles, elegant renaissance palaces, elegant farmhouses and luxury Relais: a perfect choice for a magic and unforgettable big day. In the following sections you can explore the most beautiful Tuscan regions and discover your favourite wedding venues in Tuscany.

The first section is focused on countryside Tuscany weddings. Tuscan countryside is definitely the most requested region for a wedding in Tuscany with its rolling hills, vineyards and classic scenery. In this section you will find a selection of our favourite elegant farmhouses (agriturismo), luxury castles, exclusive Tuscany Wedding Villas and luxury Tuscany wedding venues.

The second section is focused on the Tuscany Riviera. Tuscan Riviera is less famous than the countryside but it offers beautiful sandy beaches, dramatic cliff and stunning islands. If you like the sea you will be surprised by the beauty of the Tuscan Riviera where it is also possible arranging informal and fun beach weddings.

The other sections are focused on specific amazing areas of Tuscany.
Admire the intimate wonder of Lucca, the "Petite Paris", with its hundred of churches; Pisa with its architectural miracle; Arezzo with the pictorial wonders by Piero della Francesca; Siena that boasts some of the Italy's most famous artistic treasures and great outdoors with Orcia valley and Chianti, San Gimignano, "the Medieval Manhattan", with its thirteen towers, Cortona the setting of the famous best seller "under the Tuscan Sun" by Frances Mayes, Poppi with its out-of-time medieval scenery; Volterra the undisputed world capital of Alabaster; Montalcino the homeland the most prestigious Tuscan's wine: "Brunello". And this beautiful land is crossed by the "Arno" river that, "Per mezza Toscana si spazia" as Dante wrote, to pick-up legends, tales and history.

You will probably be surprised that Florence is not included in our list and actually we have an entire section of Romeo and Juliet’s website focused on it; if your hearts are set on this Italian masterpiece please explore our Florence wedding pages where you will find the best Florence wedding venues.

Tuscany Wedding Planner

Whether you are planning a legally binding wedding (civil or non-denominational), a religious blessing or a symbolic event, Romeo and Juliet, leading Wedding Planner Tuscany, will support you in all the aspects of your fabulous event down to the smallest details. If you wish to know more about our achievements, please read the genuine Wedding Wire Reviews from the wonderful couples we worked with.

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