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A Rome wedding is one of the most romantic experience you can have.

"In Rome there is no need to search for beauty, for it offers itself to you unashamedly" wrote the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and you can feel its dreamy and delightful atmosphere just drifting round and taking in all the beauty and magic of this city.

Romeo and Juliet, leading wedding planner Rome, can organize all kind of Rome weddings; Civil weddings in Rome are celebrated in 3 spectacular halls that you can investigate in the links on your rights; Catholic weddings are celebrated in the hundreds of stunning Churches in Rome and in the Vatican; Protestant Rome weddings are held in the Anglican and Methodist churches or in one of the many gardens and terraces of the Eternal city; and if you wish a romantic Symbolic service there are endless of choices!

Rome is Italy's treasure trove, a heady blend of artistic and architectural masterpieces, classical ruins, and extravagant baroque churches and piazzas.

For a taste of the Baroque, you need only climb the famous Spanish Steps, walk through the Piazza Navona or toss a coin into the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Renaissance splendor is perhaps best revealed in the Pope's residence, the Vatican Palace, or in Michelangelo's efforts on the roof of the Sistine Chapel. From early Christian Basilicas to the Roman Forum,(SS Cosma e Damiano) the Colosseum and the Pantheon, the sequence of history trails back to the height of the Roman Empire.

But Rome is also home of 'La Dolce Vita" , Romans know how to have a good time with simple pleasure and you will love the evening stroll "passeggiata" in Trastevere, the old residential area and the stronghold of roman cuisine. Its winding cobbled streets, its wonderful Basilica, red ochre and burnt sienna stone walls, tiny little bars of exquisite intimacy and dozens of hostelries, all lined together, around which rotates the nightlife will enchant you and you'll step back three or four hundred years.

Rome is its beautiful shop windows, its Roman designers like Valentino and Sorelle Fontana, is hundreds of outdoor cafes for a Cappuccino (you can't miss the San'Eustachio, it is unique and appreciated all over the world for its Grancappuccino with its sweet blended taste), is a romantic moonlit stroll over the Tiber, is its vibrant nightlife.

Weddings in Rome, in the eternal city, is the perfect romantic backdrop for your love and your Big Day!


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