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Step into the medieval knights fairytale atmosphere of a Certaldo Wedding.

Certaldo Alto, a small and fascinating medieval village in the province of Florence, is immersed in the heart of the Chianti hills.
When you reach it the sight that meets your eyes is a strongly medieval example of town planning, which culminates in the imposing Palazzo Pretorio at its peak.
The facade, entrance hall and courtyard all bear the insignia of the different Vicars, including the marvellous glazed terracotta coats of arms created by the Della Robbia workshop.
Civil weddings in Certaldo are celebrated here, at Palazzo Pretorio, the most impressive palace in Certaldo.
A flight of steps and you can enjoy the view of the "red brick" village before entering the Palace. Your marriage will be celebrated in the stunning outdoor ancient courtyard, where a romantic well stands; the courtyard is also adorned with coats of arms and frescoes dating from the 13th to the 16th century. This is one of the few locations in Italy where wedding ceremonies are performed outside.
Palazzo Pretorio is a dramatic setting, very romantic and non-traditional for your wedding in Certaldo.
In this town far from the chaos of everyday life it is still possible to walk through small street all of brick and to breathe the air of the times of Giovanni Boccaccio, the renowned 14th century novelist, which still exist, an enchanting atmosphere to fill your soul by peace and romance.

Certaldo, indeed, was the Giovanni Boccaccio's home.

Boccaccio, one of the fathers of the Italian language is universally famous for Decameron (1350), a novel that combines sheer entertainment with a meaningful humanistic message (it is made by one hundred stories, shared in ten days by ten young people escaping the Plague in mid-14th-century Florence).

Via Boccaccio, built from the 12nd to 14nd century is the most important Certaldo's street. It is the only street which was originally paved with bricks and it undoubtedly represents, for its length and width, an original pattern of Medieval architecture. It ends in front of the Palazzo Pretorio, built in the 12th century. In the Palazzo and the now de-consecrated annexed Church of Santi Tommaso and Prospero, (from the early 13th century), you will admire frescoes and sinopites from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Weddings in Certaldo, a unique Middle Ages's pearl that will capture you; and for your fantastic reception endless of opportunities: delicious traditional restaurants, imposing medieval castles, charming country villas, elegant hotels with spa are just a few miles away.
For couples who are planning a Tuscany wedding and love the peaceful and charming atmosphere of the Chianti countryside weddings in Certaldo are the perfect frame for a fairy wedding.
In case of bad weather Certaldo wedding ceremonies are held inside Palazzo Pretorio either in a beautiful intimate room with frescoes on the walls or in the suggestive the Church of Santi Tommaso and Prospero , the oldest church in Certaldo that since 1788 was deconsecrated and it is now owned by the municipality of Certaldo.  


in the historical heart of medieval Certaldo Alto.
How many:
max 50 persons.
classic music is recommended.
from spring to autumn.
RJ advice:

Ideal for couples looking for an outdoor setting and history lovers.


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