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A wedding in Florence is the loveliest and most elegant experience!

Palazzo Vecchio or Palazzo della Signoria has been Florence's town hall since 1322. It is a symbol of the power, influence, and strength of Medici, the family that built it.

Palazzo Vecchio is located in the center of town, in Piazza della Signoria, an open air museum, a gallery of marvellous sculptures; the Neptune fountains, the rape of the Sabine women masterpieces from the Florence Renaissance exposed in this wonderful square just a few steps from the Uffizi Museum!

A replica of David welcomes you at the entrance of this stunning Palace, in the same place that the real statue stood for hundred of years.
The interiors are sumptuous and the marriage Hall, called the Red Hall or Sala Rossa as it is called in Italian, is a luxury and romantic setting for civil weddings in Florence: red drapes and silk, gold framed mirrors, antique chandeliers. A Florence wedding will allow you to discover and admire one of the most elegant halls to get married in Italy.

And if you wish to make your ceremony more sophisticated we suggest you either violin or harp. Music will create a unique atmosphere to romantic weddings in Florence.

in Florence in Piazza della Signoria, one of the most beautiful and elegant in Italy.
sumptuous red furniture, drapes and ornaments typical of Renaissance decor.
possibility of music.
Best Period of the year:
all the year round.


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