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A destination wedding in Portofino with the glitz and glam of the celebrity world.

If you are considering a luxury wedding in Italy, Portofino is the most glamorous destination in Italian Riviera.

Even back in Roman Times Portofino was called the world's most charming port. And, 19th-century sweethearts called it the perfect romantic hideaway. Since that time great literary figures, show business stars, artists and the powerful from all over the world have found here something more than a refuge. It has become an exclusive and secluded salon, as simple as a fishing village, as lavish as a backdrop designed for a great movie.

And it is not by chance that some of them arranged their sumptuous wedding in Portofino Italy like for example British footballer Wayne Rooney who got married here with his childhood sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin or iconic singer Rod Stewart who tied the knot in Portofino with model Penny Lancaster.

Romeo and Juliet, leading wedding planner Portofino, designs impeccable Portofino weddings in the most exclusive wedding venues; luxury hotels, beach clubs, private villas and prestigious historical locations like for example the stunning Abbazia della Cervara or the superb Castello Brown that with its charming walled garden overlooking the village is an ideal setting for your wedding in Portofino Italy.

Every summer Italian Vips and Hollywood celebrities take a break in this magnificent location cozily tucked into the side of a small wooded promontory on the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Houses dot the hillside above the village and the resort is in an idyllic location on the harbor, where the water reflects all the pastel-washed little houses huddled in a semicircle around the "piazzetta", that slopes down and ends in the water of the harbour. Along the quay and the Pier, the boutiques, the shops, the bars, and the restaurants act as a frame. Just turn a corner, step away from the bustling streets and enter into a world of immemorial peace. The experience of walking on the Mount of Portofino is unforgettable.

It is a perfumed garden, with restful shade, sudden vistas of the cobalt ocean stretching out beyond the greenery, a surprising varied panorama  of colours.

Weddings in Portofino are made for walking and no corner is without charm. But before you loose yourself in the tempting byways and boutiques sip a glass of local wine at a bar, enjoy the Mediterranean sun and.. keep your eyes peeled - you just might see a familiar face bronzing on the deck of a fancy yacht!

Explore in the next sections our vast catalogue of spectacular wedding venues in Italian Riviera, and if you are thinking of getting married in Portofino, do not hesitate to get in touch and discover more about our Portofino wedding services and packages.

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