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Romantic Ancient Church in Rome

As with many of the older churches in Rome it is very difficult to know when they were founded. We do know that this ancient church already existed in the 5th century and that it was an important church by the 8th century. The façade, the bell tower and the Ionic portico was added in the 12th.

The building is neither very large nor very elaborate, but much care has been lavished on it and it can be considered a fascinating and fine example of the combination of architectural styles through the ages.

The interior is on a basilica plan with a nave and two aisles divided by two rows of 16 marble and granite columns. It is attractive and harmonious and based on the simplicity. The real attraction of the Church is the 11-12th century ciborium and the wonderful fresco of Christ and the Virgin, one of the now very rare surviving works of Pietro Cavallini.

We consider this church very elegant and wonderful when decorate with white lilium and mauve aisle and ornaments.

in the historical centre of Rome, near the Forum and 10 minuts walk from Coliseum.
How many:
up to 100 guests.
Catholic with civil effect.
only sacred music and by approval of the Priest.
all year round.


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