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There are endless of possibilities for a truly suggestive Catholic Wedding !

The most famous image of Tuscany is the fabulous and unique landscape of Chianti region; gentle hills dotted with castles and rows of cypress trees.

A region interspersed with endless sweep of vineyards producing the great Chianti Classico wine and olive groves scattered on the hillsides.

As such couples planning their wedding in a Church or Chapel likely envision this wonderful backdrop.

And actually in Chianti you can find many evocative and suggestive Romanesque Churches and historical Pieve surrounded by the unspoiled Tuscan nature.

They are one of the many wonders of this unmistakable region.

Most of the Churches are located in the countryside and reaching them inevitably involves leaving the main roads and entering the more genuine side roads of Tuscany; some of them however are located inside the beautiful historical villages and little towns of Chianti making easier the transportation for you and your guests.

Being available so many possibilities for a Tuscany Church wedding we always recommend, when possible, to visit a few churches in person to appreciate their atmosphere and identify the ideal locations for your Church wedding.

This will also give you the opportunity to talk with the parish priest and discuss with him your marriage requirements and wishes.

Most of the available Churches are Roman Catholic and usually only Catholic weddings in Tuscany are possible there.

However you can find also other Christian Churches available for a romantic Protestant wedding like for example in Florence St. Mark's Anglican Church, St. James' Episcopal Church the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity; in Siena the Evangelical Church or St. Peter's Anglican Church.

If you have any questions or doubts about a Church wedding in Chianti or in other regions of Tuscany don't hesitate to contact us; as one of the most experienced Tuscany wedding planners we can clarify any concern you may have.

Discover more about our favorite Tuscany wedding venues in the below sections. You will see some of the churches that we love more for a Protestant or Catholic wedding.

However, as mentioned, there are many other sacred places you can choose from and if you are in love with a specific Church, Pieve, Abbey or Convent just let us know.

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