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Weddings in Volterra are housed in the most ancient Tuscany town hall, Palazzo dei Priori, whose construction was completed in 1257.

The main entrance is in Piazza dei Priori the center of the Medieval city whose splendid past is testimonied by the marvellous buildings. From the main entrance a stairway climb to the first floor and on the wall the fresco of the Crucifixion by Pier Francesco Fiorentino.

At the first floor a door leads to the astonishing Marriage Hall (the Council Room), that will bring you to an ancient time, time of Knights and Princesses ! Around you various frescoes, paintings and coats of arms. On the leading wall emerges the fresco of Iacopo di Cione Orcagna, at the center is painted the Annunciation, to the sides four figures of Saints: Cosma, Damiano, Giusto and Ottaviano.

On the right wall a cloth, representing the "Wedding of Cana" by Donato Mascagni.

The contiguos Hall is the "Saletta della Giunta", a Medieval jewel where you will be conquered by the wooden ceiling, the seventeenth-century painted coats of arm and the fourteenth-century fine inlaid forniture.

In Saletta della Giunta you'll find also "Giobbe" painting by Mascagni, the "Nativity of Maria" by Gian Domenico Ferretti, and the "San Girolamo" that the critics attribute to Luca Signorelli.

Both the Council Room and "Saletta della Giunta" can be selected for your's Volterra wedding celebration


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in Piazza dei Priori in the very heart of the Medieval Volterra
How many:
Up to 60 guests standing in the astonishing Council Hall.
Any classical music is allowed.
All year.
Romeo and Juliet's advice:
if you're looking for an intimate atmosphere you can celebrate your wedding in the "Saletta della Giunta".

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