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Civil wedding in Verona - Notary's Chapel

The Notary's Chapel is one of the most breathtaking venues for your wedding in Verona.

This stunning hall is located in the imposing Palazzo della Ragione between Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, in the historical heart of Verona. Built in 12th century near the ancient Roman Forum, it housed the Offices of the City Administration and the College of Notary Publics with its own Chapel. Originally the building was guarded by four massive angular towers, of which now remain only the ones facing Piazza delle Erbe. These include the famous Tower of Lamberti built in 1172 and several times raised to become the tallest tower in the city. Tower of Lamberti is open to the public and offers a panoramic belfry, reached by stairs or elevator, which boasts an unparalleled view over the city center and surrounding mountains.

The most important jewel of the palace is indeed the 15th century Notary's Chapel located on the first floor of what was once the Masseria Torre. A beautiful Gothic staircase made of pink marble will lead you to this magic place whose paintings, ceiling and the remarkable wooden coating will conquer you. 
Carved vaulted ceilings, Gothic arches, oil paintings from Verona 17th Century painters Marchesini, Bellotti and Prunati and wood panels produce a truly suggestive and romantic atmosphere which makes this place one of the most dramatic options for your Verona wedding!


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a Verona Civil wedding can be celebrated at this enchanting venue; religious or symbolic weddings are possible too.
in the historical center of Verona alongside Piazza delle Erbe..
a frescoed hall inside the historic Palazzo della Ragione.
How many:
Notary's Chapel can host up to 40 guests.
Notary's Chapel is open for weddings on Saturdays and Sundays (other days of the week on request).
possible, we suggest classical instruments.


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