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Sarah and Joe - April 13th, 2010.

Dear Marco,

Thank you for your beautiful message!

Our honeymoon was beautiful and we do miss Italy... we loved France and Barcelona, but the food and people in Italy were the best (followed by Barcelona).

I am glad you liked the e-card: we are thrilled to have a new friend in our life too!

Our Villa Carlotta wedding exceeded my expectations: it was meaningful, well organized, and we received top treatment from you and everyone involved. More specifically:

1) Grand Hotel Tremezzo - 5 stars! We were extremely well treated, the hotel was everything it promised to be and the staff was very welcoming and supportive; our private dinner was incredibly well done and the flowers they picked for us even matched my wedding bouquet

2)Florist: the flowers were breathtakingly beautiful - exceeded expectations!

3)Catering: a very nice toast at Villa Carlotta; simple, elegant, perfect.

4)Photographer: He was wonderful and Luca was a lovely presence.

5) Hairdresser: I was very happy with the end result and it was an enjoyable place to be

6)Music: amazing!!! The performance was beautiful and the musician very personable... it is too bad he couldn't have stayed longer.

6) Romeo and Juliet: delivers everything it promises! the venues and reccommendations were fantastic; everything came together beautifully - paperwork, planning, the day; you were very communicative all along the way, Marco, making the event and everything leading up to it. It would have been nice if you had come to Balbianello with us so that we could have some pictures of you too!

Over all the event was simple, elegant, and meaningful. Your reading and translating during the ceremony was beautiful - it really felt like you cared and that meant a lot! Again: thank you , thank you , thank you!

Thank you again for the congratulations, Marco, as well as your central role in our Villa Carlotta weddings and its organization. I look forward to continued correspondence and friendship!

Warmest Regards, Sarah and Joe


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