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Maria and Chris - October 21st, 2011.

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A wedding in Italy end of October can be a bit risky for the weather conditions, and therefore based on our experience of Sorrento wedding planner we recommended Maria and Chris to focus on South of Italy and on Sorrento in particular. This choice turned out to be excellent because the wedding day was sunny and the evening warm enough to dine outdoor!

A Sorrento wedding is indeed a fabulous experience, not only because Sorrento wedding Cloister is one of the most beautiful wedding hall in Italy, but also for the beauty of scenary, the picturesque city center and the warmth of the local people.

The civil service was celebrated late morning and Maria reached the Cloister with her bridesmaid using the most incredible bridal car ever: a golf buffy! Wedding theme was cream and purple and all bouquets were designed with elegant calla lilies.

After the ceremony, the bridal party celebrated the newly wed at a restaurant with a view entertained by a traditional guitar-mandolin duo.

After a light lunch the party was freed for a couple of hours to relax a bit and getting ready for the "grand dinner": an exclusive Bellevue Syrene wedding reception! The wedding dinner was served at sunset in the stunning Terrazza Pompeiana and the meal was entertained by the romantic voice of an Opera singer.

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"Hi Marco,

Yes I do miss Italy, its my favourite country in the world, but it was very nice to get back to my own house and I have a few days off before I return to work.

With regards to feedback, I just cannot put words on it other than outstanding, meticulous, unique, top class, beyond professional :-) Booking a wedding abroad is a big risk as there are a lot of crooks out there which is why I would only work off a referral. I was extremely nervous because guests pay a lot of money to join us and take time off work so I wanted to be sure we gave them a good day and everybody has said they have never experienced anything like it.

Our coordinator was a huge hit with everybody too - her organizational skills are second to none and her personality was just wonderful - she thinks of absolutely everything and took a lot of the burden from our best man in terms of organizing the crowd, liaising with the hotel etc. I would highly recommend any wedding to pay the extra as there is totally value add in having her there.

The flowers, musicians etc again top class, I just had to sit back and enjoy as I know I was in safe hands right across the board. She was just wonderful, I could see her on her phone, she was making sure that all the "dots were connected" and she was brilliant with our guests, she chatted and mingled and we got such good fun out of her because she is of course british and a lot of the guests were british..

She handled some situations very well. For example during the cocktail, there was some catholic convention on and they wanted us to join in their party - Carmen said this never happened to her before. But we all joined in, we danced with them, it was sooo funny....... The other situation which was difficult was my son - he obviously detected this wasn't a normal day and he "played up" during the ceremony, but Carmen was great, she just somehow lets it blend in even though she is probably having a heart attack inside :-)

In terms of food, the standard was excellent and I must say great value for money across both venues. I really loved the way it worked out - the club was chilled out, it was warm, casual food - then coming into night we had the "grand" dinner with entertainment.

The one thing I am sorry I did not think of was asking the photographer to stay longer and pay him extra hourly rate - he is an amazing photographer - he is there but not "in your face", he just blended into the crowd.
I cannot wait to see the photos. I just love the photographer's website. They were getting really quirky shots rather than boring traditional shots so I am dying to see them :-) My original plan was to take the disc and then work with a company here to do an album. However, given the confidence I have with Alfonso, do you know if she would be prepared to work with us in doing our album for us from Italy?

Thank you again soo sooo much for everything. You were extremely patient with us - you have a tough job and you remained calm and patient with us at all times :-)

Kind Regards Maria.


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