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A wedding in the lovely and medieval town of Varenna is unique!!

Like a sentry standing at the crossroad of the lake, it was built on a rocky promontory overshadowed by a steep mountain, Varenna is both a lively and modern and it preserves the remains of a medieval past which is one of the best conserved in the area. Much less touristy than other towns, it is peaceful, very quaint and quite idyllic - a garden town framed by green wooded hills and misty blue lake. Cobbled slopes revealing secret lake views are interspersed with bright bougainvillaea, cypress and pine trees. Stone walls are painted with ivy the colour of red wine, wisteria droops from patios high on the hill and palm fronds poke over the edge of rooftop gardens.

Varenna is famous for its castle and two villas. The first has a lovely terraced gardens spilling down the hillside to the lake; and the second is built atop a Cistercian monastery and now a conference center.

When you are in Varenna and you look upon, you can see the shape of the Vezio Castle, one hundred metres vertically. From the Vezio Castle , last residence of the Teodolinda Queen you can enjoy the view of a romantic sunset on the lake and drink a glass of local wine.

A wedding in Varenna is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most romantic and unspoiled pieces of Italy; a tiny elegant village surrounded by the Alps mountains in the middle of Lake Como.

In front Bellagio hanging between the two branches of the lake and all around you the blue of the lake and the colours of the many gardens.

You can host your Civil wedding in Varenna in the town hall of the village. The council hall, in fact, is used for civil service. The town hall is located in the centre of the village, near the main church.

RJ recommendation: Varenna is one of the most requested destination for a Lake Como wedding, as such we recommend you to book the town hall at least one year before your wedding in Varenna.

in the Varenna town hall. A few steps from the lake
How many:
up to 50 guests standing.
violin or guitar.
all year round.


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