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Discover the best locations for your Siena marriage.

If you are dreaming of a Tuscany wedding, Siena offers the quintessence of the Tuscan way of life. It is a suggestive and genuine historical town, it provides many fabolous architectural and natural backdrop for your wedding photos and if offers plently of delightful venues for your wedding banquet. 

Weddings in Siena Italy are celebrated in a few stunning venues in the city center.

The most popular of them is the Palazzo Pubblico, the focal point of the breathtaking Piazza del Campo.

This palace was built, like Florence's Palazzo Vecchio, around late 1200, but it presents significant differences mainly for the curvature of the facade, the distinctive wide use of Gothic windows and the vertical emphasis of the tower. It was served as Siena city hall since the beginning, and nowadays it is also home to the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena Civic Museum.

Here you can admire one of the finest art collection in Tuscany and the marriage hall itself is a prestigious room covered by frescoes; the path to the superb wedding hall is indeed a walk through a magnificent sequence of large frescoes painted by the most famous Renaissance Seneseartists.

The most famous frescoes are three huge panels called "Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government" by Ambrogio Lorenzetti; another important and mysterious fresco (that you can admire also in one of the pictures in this page) is the Chevalier at the siege of Montemassi, that according to the historical experts represent Guidoriccio da Fogliano; this masterpiece is attributed to Simone Martini.

Since recently Siena Town Hall authorized a few more spectacular location for your Siena marriage.

Among the many options our favourite Siena wedding venues are:

  • Palazzo Patrizi, a 16th century palace with with its restored ornaments and frescoed ceilings.
  • The Historical library, a pretty unique setting for getting married !
  • Loggia dei Nove, a large terrace in Palazzo Pubblico overlooking town and the beautiful surroundings. 

You can find the complete list of available wedding venues in Comune di Siena website (pages are only in Italian)

Romeo and Juliet, best wedding planner Siena, designs events in all authorized marriage halls and will ensure you a prestigious and impeccable Siena Italy wedding.


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in Piazza del Campo, the very heart of Medieval Siena.
How many:
up to 80 guests sitting and standing.
any classical music is allowed. Violin or Harp are the most recommended.
every day of the week.
And More:
Since recently a few more marriage locations have been authorized. Get in touch for further details.

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