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Mutsumi and Kunal - August 4th, 2012.

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Mutsumi and Kunal were considering an exclusive Lake Como wedding and on their first visit they fell immediately in love with this area and five days later we started the planning of their luxury wedding in Lake Como.

I can't describe how quickly my heart beats when I think about this adorable couple and their cute daughter, Alina.
Their wedding ceremony under the loggia at Villa Balbianello, the boat ride in a glorious sunny day, the gorgeous wedding reception at Villa d'Este, the soft romantic hues flowers and finally the wedding cake, especially designed by Mutsumi.
The day was a dream made true and that kind of event we all want to be guests of.
Every single image is such a beautiful sight to see! I would like to share with you more about this Balbianello and Villa d'Este wedding 


Dear Loretta,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Lake Como wedding. You offered us a magic - you made all our dream come true. Great news from my side is that my friend who works for the most famous wedding magazine in Japan contacted me that she would like to cover our wedding in her page!!

We had a series of events starting from Villa Balbianello wedding ceremony, cocktail, dinner, cake-cut, disco (all at Villa D'Este ) and the lunch next day at Castadiva. You coordinated all the essential elements such as venues, celebrant, boat, florist, hair makeup, musicians, menu, fireworks, photographers etc although it must have been a quite a bit of work. You saved us by showing various options and providing us with precise advice on logistics and timeline. It has been a long term process over a year but you were always prompt, cheerful and willing to support us. The outcome was great – everyone at the party repeated that they never attended such a beautiful wedding.

Since I am based in UK, I was really nervous to choose destination wedding outside the country at the beginning. As soon as I started communicating with you, I was convinced you are very knowledgeable, reliable, and well connected expert of Italian wedding. I never forget one hot day in September (when Alina was little sick), you took us to a several sites in Lake Como, knowing that we would like somewhere really exclusive and special. We were able to decide the venue very quickly as you quickly picked up our taste.

The photographer you introduced had such a superb taste. He captured all the emotional, beautiful moment of our life with incredibly good angle. The photos were just like the ones in the magazine or even better than them to be honest. I also had some particular things I wanted to realize for flowers and music during the ceremony. You helped me realize what I had in my mind for the special day i.e. the pillar in Villa Balbianello's loggia was so special and Morricone music added a such sentiment to our lifetime moment.

One unforgettable episode was fireworks and cake for the cake-cut. Since we had a quite a bit of items to decide and our schedule has been pushed back. We decided to have fireworks a few days before the event but you coordinated with Villa d'Este and the florist very quickly. It turned out just great – you proofed that nothing is impossible. Last couple of weeks before the wedding was so hectic to us coordinating our guests but I was always confident you make sure all other elements and I don't have to worry about anything.

I can't thank you enough for all your effort and I miss you a lot, especially your smile. We definitely would like to come back and see you. Probably for our anniversary at some point!

Hugs and kisses from Alina, Kunal and Mutsumi"


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