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Roma and Michael - September 22nd, 2012.

Romeo and Juliet weddings - Senior wedding planner


Roma and Michael planned their visit to Rome beginning of February. They were excited to visit the venues for weddings in Rome, Italy. Rome was under a snow blanket and I warned them to wear warm clothes and Roma replied excited "-14 degrees in Krakow and around 0 here in Manchester, so we don't mind the cold at all, haha:-)" It was the beginning of a sparkling email exchange.

First thing I noticed was that Roma and Michael seemed so hopelessly and beautifully in love. Planning their wedding was amazing. Roma's enthusiasm is contagious and reading her emails always brought a smile.

For their weddings in Rome they wanted to keep things very traditional and to make sure that the importance of the ceremony was captured during their wedding mass. The day was truly magical and overflowing with love.

It was such an honor to work with this special couple!I love you!



"Dear Michela,

we would like to express our enormous gratitude for making our wedding in Rome the most amazing day of our lives.
You have truly been a guardian angel, with extreme dedication and resourcefulness to meet any needs and requirements imaginable.

Despite being from Canada, my wife from Poland, both of us living in the UK and dreaming of weddings in Rome Italy (and neither of us speaking a word of Italian!), you showed us that absolutely anything is possible with Romeo and Juliet weddings. Any whim, any desire, any last-minute adjustments - you catered to us with a glowing smile and never-ending enthusiasm, always getting us anything we wanted.

The whole process, beginning from choosing venues, which you pre-selected, communicating with various services and ending on slicing the cake - this all ran extremely smoothly and pleasantly (don't worry, we saw you in the shadows during our wedding day making sure everything was perfect).
You are much more than a wedding planner for us and our families - you were and are a key figure in creating an absolutely unforgettable moment that our families and ourselves will remember and cherish forever.

Getting married is stressful enough, thanks to you, we were able to concentrate on enjoying every moment and not worrying about anything else. We trusted you and you delivered to the absolute highest standard imaginable.
On a slightly different note, one might think the bureaucracy behind it all would make our Italian wedding dream simply impossible. Thanks to your experience and commitment, we were well prepared with exactly the right documents and the whole process went extremely smoothly, especially compared to some of our friends' absolute horror stories!

The truth is, without you, our Italian wedding dream would have never come true. Thank you so very much for being there for us and our families.

With undying gratitude,
Roma and Michael"


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