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  • Weddings in Cortona

A Cortona wedding will bring you to one of the Tuscany's prettiest villages, sat on a hill, with olive groves and vineyards all around.

Cortona, The city Virgil wanted founded by mythical Dardanus, is built on a spur of the Monte Sant'Egidio. It is a steep medieval city surrounded by powerful walls where cut-stone staircases take the place of many streets.

Looking around from the top walls you can admire one of the widest and harmonious views in Italy: the rich Val di Chiana, with its gentle hill, limited on the horizon by the Siena mountains foremost the Amiata; and closer up the wide expanse of the fairy-tale Trasimeno lake.

The atmopshere of a wedding in Cortona becomes evocative after the sun goes down...The history really seems to come out at this point, when the streets are darkened...you can almost imagine that you are back in a romantic Middle Age village !! And at night from the top walls you can barely make out Lago Trasimeno with lights twinkling below: really a fantastic sight.

Cortona is also considered a "City of Art,", having spawned (among others) the great pre-Michelangelo painter Luca Signorelli and the early-17th-century painter/architect Pietro da Cortona, Exceptional is the pictorial patrimony of this art city preserved in the Museo Diocesano an the famous "Annunciazione" by Beato Angelico. Many other paintings are in the Museo dell'Accademia Etrusca in Palazzo Casali and in the several churches.

In the past it was long in a fairly undervisited corner of Tuscany, but recently it has become one of the most appreciated italian destinations thanks to the romantic and magic book "Under the Tuscan Sun " by Frances Mayes' and to the italian movie Oscar's winner "La vita e bella" by Roberto Benigni.

If you are planning a wedding in Italy and you love the peaceful and historical atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside you will be captured by a wedding in Cortona that moreover offers you plenty of different options for your wedding's receptions and cerimonies that will satisfy all your desires and expectations.

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