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A Volterra wedding will bring you inside a veritable compendium of Tuscan history, from the time of Etruscans to the Middle Ages.

Volterra preserves the austere, somewhat mysteriuous attraction of its origins, both as regards the layout of the town, as well as from the point of view of its richly varied art-treasures.

Volterra, surronded by the silence of two valleys (the valleys of Era and Cecina), rises on the summit of a hill little more than 500 metres high; when you approach it from the state road 68 you are met with a fantastic view: a town that dominates the landscape, framed by the greenness of the countryside and the clay terrains.

Weddings in Volterra offer views of the Medieval, Roman and Etruscan worlds.

Tour the medieval urban layout with narrow streets, palaces, tower houses and churches;

Enjoy the charm and atmosphere of one of the most beatiful Italian's square: the XII Century built Piazza dei Priori;

Contemplate the ruins of a First Century Roman theater;

Admire the secular creative ability inherited from the Etruscans in producing alabaster artifacts that makes Volterra the undisputed world capital of Alabaster.


Volterra in the world of the writer D.H.Lawrence, "on a towering great bluff that gets all the winds and see all the world".

And nowadays Volterra got enormous attention and interest from the Twilight saga, where the love between Bella and Edward is celebrated in Volterra with Bella's love rescuing Edward from his suicide's temptation.

If you are planning a destination wedding and you love the peaceful and charming atmosphere of the Medieval Tuscany masterpieces you will be captured by a wedding in Volterra that will transport you through its History and Magnificence of other times.

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