• eloping in florence italy
  • Eloping in Florence


An intimate wedding in the Renaissance heart of Italy.

Dear Marco!

Thank you so much for all your help in organizing our wedding. It was a perfect day. It was everything we could have asked for.

Thank you also for the lovely poem you sent over. It had been slid under our door while we were away getting married. When we came back, Brian carried me over the threshold (I don't know if that's an Italian tradition, but it's a Canadian one), and he felt the piece of paper under his feet. Crunch, crunch. He put me down and we read your poem. That was very thoughtful, thank you again. The piece of paper it came on is a little worse for wear though!

As far as the various vendors, Jo, our co-ordinator in Florence, was fantastic. She was on time and was able to answer any questions we may have had. She also went way out of her way by helping me get in to my dress and by helping Brian with vows that he wanted to say in Italian.

Our violinist provided the perfect background music for our day. He was great and fit right in the Sala Rossa.

Our photographer Elisabetta was great fun to work with. She apparently snapped over 1000 photos, so I'm sure we'll have many great pictures to choose from. She also arrived a little early, so I think we were able to get some bonus time from her.

The flowers were perfect! They arrived on time and I couldn't stop looking at them for most of the day.

The hairdresser was an adventure! I ended up getting there before the salon opened (even though they said I could come at 8:15). It was no problem in the end as the stylist ended up letting me in and did a fantastic job with my hair. The make up artist was good as well. She spoke absolutely no English, but we had a fun time trying to understand each other! I had brought photos, so I think that was helpful.

And of course you were great all the way through Marco! There was really no problems at any stage of the planning process. It must not be easy helping someone from a foreign country get married in Italy. But you made it very simple for us. There is no other way we would have done this. We are so happy that we went away to Italy to get married, just the two of us. I think we also picked the perfect city in Florence to get married as well. It's not too over-run with tourists and it's not too big to be overwhelmed. Many thanks!

Michelle and Brian

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