• sardinia wedding review
  • Sardinia wedding review


The beauty of a wonderful sea wedding in Sardinia in the stunning historical and scenic setting of Castelsardo.

Hi Marco!

How are you? Well I am back in the UK after a fabulous wedding and honeymoon and missing Alan so much. As you know the wedding went beyond our expectations in terms of scenery and enjoyment! Everyone is still talking about it.

The photos arrived today and they are great! Im just going through the CD now – Im so happy there are lots of photos! I will select some to send to you and then you can add to your castelsardo side of website to help promote it? Im going to watch the DVD tonight!!! Very excited about this and all the beautiful memories of the day are flooding back to me.

The pianist and opera singer made an unforgettable touch to the ceremony – I would strongly recommend it to other couples. I would also recommend other couples (if they choose castlesardo) to visit it beforehand so they know what it is like and that it can be difficult to walk in heels on that ground up there. I would suggest if they hire a car to make the declaration of intent they try the journey a day before or they leave extra early as the signage is not very good. Alternatively a bus would be good but the declaration of intent time would have to be later in the afternoon to allow for the bus journey.

Manuela was very good – I found her humorous, a great character and she was very good at explaining things to us, she was very useful to have around and very useful to us.

The hairstylist and make up artist – I cannot fault them in any sense and would highly recommend them to other brides. They were EXCELLENT!!! Regardless of language barrier they did the most fabulous job on my hair and makeup, and not only for me but my maid of honor and my bridesmaids. What a fabulous recommendation you made – these ladies were brilliant. I would suggest though that as they do not speak English that you let the bride know so that you can arrange an interpreter to go with the bride for the trial day – an interpreter is essential for a very important thing like this. I had Helen who is just excellent so I was very happy. Taking pictures of the style you have in mind is also strongly recommended as even though you have an interpreter its easier to show visually what you want rather then explain it.

The reception venue was excellent – I must admit that Sylvia did a fantastic job even with the last minute adjustments we had. I heard from guests that the staff welcomed them to the drinks reception whilst Alan and I were having our photos taken. I was very happy to hear this as my guests comfort is very important to me. To know that they were being fed and given drinks and being looked after by the staff made me very happy as this is good hospitality. It is these sort of positive things that people remember from a wedding.

I must admit the pictures of the hotel do not do it justice and the views from the hotel are breathtaking and not something that can be caught on camera it is something that you just have to experience yourself to get a true appreciation of the beauty of it. The terrace was beyond my expectations and it is even more charming than in the pictures. The set up for my reception was brilliant, I kept it simple and elegant and this came across in the elegant layout on the terrace and people loved the idea of having the reception outdoors (my main reason for choosing a wedding abroad).
It was a fantastic recommendation Marco and I am very grateful you did recommend it as I couldn't have chosen something better myself. Also I feel that if we had the reception in Alghero it would not have had the same effect on everyone as Castlesardo did so I would highly recommend other couples to do this or even you suggest to them that a Castelsardo wedding is an great option.

There was not a single guest who didn't appreciate the beauty castelsardo bought to our wedding day so its definitely a thumbs up from me! I would also like to say that the food was exquisite. They were so kind to let us have food tasting the day before, for not only myself, but for our 3 friends who helped drive us to castelsardo. The food was so exceptional Marco – I have to say I know I made a lot of fuss about the menu but I am glad that I did because when it came down to it – every single person on the guest list said "wow the food is fantastic!" It really was exceptional food and very very tasty we were very happy with that.
I think that if anything there was to much of it but I would rather too much than too little. But honestly it was really fantastic food. 

The only little mistake the hotel made was they cut my cake without asking me, it should have been Alan and I cutting the cake together and we didn't get the chance to do it as the hotel did it and started serving the cake so I was disappointed about that but no big deal. I think they should allow the couples to cut the cake.

I think this is all for now, if I think of anything else then I will be sure to email you. 

Thank you again for helping to make our big day not only a fantastic memory for Alan and I but also for all our guests. I would never have been able to achieve the same effect if I had it in the UK and regardless of all the obstacles we faced (the paperwork which was a nightmare and I would never want to go through again) the wedding couldn't have turned out better than what I imagined. I will always look back on this day with such happiness and fond memories of my Italian style wedding – one of my friends quoted it as "a fairytale wedding" in Sardinia.
I truly felt like just like a princess and this would not have been possible without Romeo and Juliet and more importantly Marco and of course my wonderful husband Alan who helped me with many things and put up with my wedding emails every day and put a smile on my face and made me laugh every time I got stressed out about the paperwork. I couldn't have done this without him. Take care! 


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