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An intimate Venice wedding at Palazzo Cavalli.

Dear Michela,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. We so much wanted to let you know how magical you made our Venice wedding day.

On the day, we walked the mile to the Palazzo Cavalli. We made our way wearing our wedding clothes with Loreen holding a beacon of aout 30 yellow roses. We did not expect the reaction from the venetians. They clapped, cheered and wished us well. We met the photographer outside the Palazzo Cavalli wedding hall. He was an excellent choice. He was very good at his job and made us feel very comfortable. The witnesses also seemed to be very nice people as did the translater and the officiator. The presentation of a lovely glass decanter was both an unexpected surprise and something we shall treasure. All the people made the ceremony so memorable. As we came out of the Palazzo Cavalli, the bells of St. Marks square were ringing, seemingly for us. We walked around Venice with Marco taking pictures. If you are able to convey our thanks to all these people whose prescence added to our day.

We went back to the hotel, changed and went to the Ralto bridge to buy a model of the bridge which had formed the backdrop of the ceremony. 

In the evening we went for our gondola ride. You were right. It was best in the evening. We were delighted with another surprise of the wine and masks. If you are able to, please pass on our thanks to everyone involved including Mrs Katia, it was a pleasure to meet her.

The meal at the restaurant was, again, lovely. The single table was perfectly placed at the end of a small pier.

The day we left Venice we had a cup of coffee in St Marks Square and listened to the music. As the music stopped, the bells rang for some time and was followedby silence. We noticed that it was 12 o'clock, the time that we were married a few days previously. It seemed to bring our wedding to a proper close.

As a result of your work, the lovely people we met on our wedding day and the ambience of weddings in Venice , it will be a day we will remember forever. Thank you for all the thoughtful messages and poem you left for us. In addition, Loreen would like to say that for her it was a dream come true. More beautiful than she could ever have imagined. She has wonderful memories that she will treasure for the rest of her life. Again thank you for making the ceremony of our commitment to each other so wonderful. It had begun with the start of the purposeful journey from England and ended long after the day of our magic Venice wedding. It could not have been better.

Grateful thanks and kindest regards to you, 

Steve and Loreen

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